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Your Premier Partner for Marine Vessel Services

Petrostuff Nigeria Limited takes pride in owning and operating a fleet of vessels, available for charter, to support a wide array of marine operations. Our versatile vessels are well-equipped to serve diverse needs across various offshore projects, including:

Offshore Construction & Maintenance Support
Our vessels provide crucial support for offshore construction and maintenance activities, ensuring the smooth execution of projects.
Offshore Accommodation
We offer comfortable offshore accommodation solutions, allowing teams to operate efficiently even in remote locations.
Anchor Handling
PNL's vessels excel in anchor handling operations, ensuring the secure positioning of structures and vessels.
Safety/Standby Services
PNL's vessels are readily available to serve as safety and standby units, ensuring the security of personnel and assets in offshore environments.
Rig Move Operations
PNL's vessels are adept at handling rig move operations, facilitating the relocation of drilling rigs with precision and safety.
Survey Operations
PNL's vessels are equipped to support survey operations, enabling accurate data collection in marine environments.
Offshore Personnel Transport
We facilitate the safe and efficient transportation of offshore personnel, guaranteeing timely arrivals and departures.
Our vessels provide towing services, enabling the transportation of equipment and structures with ease and reliability.
Drilling Support Service
We offer comprehensive support for drilling operations, enhancing efficiency and safety in the oil and gas exploration sector.

Petrostuff proudly holds an AA categorization under the NCDMB NOGICJQS Categorization Scheme for Marine Vessel Services Providers in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, a testament to our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards.

Our Fleet

Currently, our fleet boasts two remarkable marine vessels:

  1. Maniviki Dexter-220: This vessel is a versatile Man Accommodation/Crane Barge equipped with a 20-ton crane. It serves as a hub for accommodation and crane operations, making it an essential asset for various offshore projects.
  2. Maniviki Rovers-78M DP2 Multi-Purpose Platform Supply Vessel with ROV Capability: Our DP2 vessel combines multi-purpose functionality with dynamic positioning capabilities, offering a range of services and the added advantage of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) capability for precise subsea operations.

At Petrostuff, we are committed to delivering excellence in marine vessel services. Whether you require support for offshore construction, personnel transport, or any other marine operation, our fleet and expertise are at your disposal.